11.03.2022 #kulturlxnews #performing arts #theatre

Back to a successful first Focus Theatre event in Luxembourg

Taking advantage of the concomitant programming of Luxembourg creations, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg organised an event to highlight contemporary Luxembourgish theatre. Over three days, eight foreign programmers were invited to discover new creations on the Luxembourg theatre scene, meet professionals and visit theatre venues.

Attracting programmers from theatres and festivals in Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands, this first event dedicated to the theatre offered the guests a first glimpse of the Luxembourg scene. By showing the entire creative chain, from authors of contemporary dramas to theatre directors, Kultur | lx was able to demonstrate the diversity of the artists and professionals working in the country and their international potential thanks to their multicultural dimension.

For their part, Luxembourg professionals gained new contacts that will be their gateway to the performing arts sector in neighbouring countries.

These highlight event, built specifically for professionals, is part of the range of tools that Kultur | lx wishes to use to arouse the desire for collaboration and encourage artistic mobility.

After a successful dance event in December, this theatre event is part of a series of actions that will confirm the efforts of Luxembourg’s professionals to develop a unique and strong performing arts sector, both within and outside its borders.