03.06.2024 #digital arts #kulturlxnews #video

Carte blanche to Lynn Klemmer

Still from Electric Blue, Lynn Klemmer, 2024.

For its new carte blanche, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg has commissioned multimedia artist Lynn Klemmer to reinterpret the values and visual identity of Kultur | lx through an artwork in the domain of digital art.

Electric Blue is a video pamphlet proclaiming art as an all-encompassing power-generating infrastructure. Drawing from a blue inkwell of analogue and new media, such as distorted RGB video signals, VHS footage of high-voltage towers, and digital video collages, the video playfully highlights the magnetic push-and-pull of artistic creation. Through juxtaposition and synergism of images, it creates a gyrating vortex to represent the process by which art upends the world. Where art touches, its colours seep through; where art let’s go, structures collapse. Where its buzzing is felt, the order is upset; where its flickering is seen, things are set in motion. A source without a signal, as invisible and permeating as electricity, it is pure connection, pure relation, electromagnetic intuition.” explains the artist.

Discover her work on the home page of our website.