08.05.2023 #concert #festival #jazz #music

Jazz Focus @ Like a Jazz Machine

Committed to foster the promotion and export the Luxembourgish jazz scene, Kultur | lx joins forces with CCRD opderschmelz for the Like A Jazz Machine Festival (May 10th to 14th 2023), to organise a Focus dedicated to Luxembourgish jazz. On May 12th and 13th, Kultur | lx will invite a delegation of international guests to discover the Luxembourgish projects featured at the festival.

On May 12th, two projects arising from opderschmelz residencies will be presented: Mathieu Clement and his collective will present their first compositions. They will be followed by Shauli Einav’s Living Organs Quartet.

On May 13th, the day will start with a concert by the young guitar player Veda Bartringer. The audience will then discover Greg Lamy’s new project, with trumpet player Stéphane Belmondo as a guest. In the evening, Michel Reis will present a new project with his German trio and the United Instruments of Lucilin contemporary music ensemble. The band Tele-Port will play the compositions from their new album Please Disperse, to be released very soon, and recorded during an opderschmelz residency.

In the aim of encouraging encounters and synergies that are necessary to the export of these projects on the international level and the career development of the artists, Kultur | lx will organise a speedmeeting session and a lunch between international guests and local professionals and artists.

Click here to discover the full line-up of Like A Jazz Machine.