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| lx jazz nights

As part of its missions of promotion and diffusion of the Luxembourgish culture, Kultur | lx organises in partnership with the embassy of Luxembourg in Belgium and the Jazz Station, two evenings of presentation of the Luxembourgish jazz musicians, having all beautiful international careers.

These evenings are a great opportunity to showcase these artists and to make them known to the general public and professionals of the Belgian scene.

This year, the Jazz Station opens its doors for two evenings on November 12 and 13, 2021!

We invite you to join us on Friday 12 November with Claire Parsons andReis Demuth Wiltgen, and on Saturday 13 November Michel Meis 4tet and Arthur Possing 4tet will share stage.

Two evenings of musical discoveries not to be missed, in this unmissable place that is the Jazz Station for the Belgian scene!

Reis / Demuth / Wiltgen
Michel Reis – piano / Marc Demuth – double bass / Paul Wiltgen – drums

These three acolytes have built a solid reputation on the international scene. Magnifying the natural elegance of the famous triptych piano/double bass/drums, here are three musicians who put their personal qualities at the service of a subject of beautiful aesthetic ambition. After three internationally and unanimously acclaimed albums, a tour accompanied by the legendary American saxophonist Joshua Redman, the trio presents their fourth opus: “Sly” (Cam Jazz). Attract attention without resorting to superfluous effects, but instead tell stories that captivate and create emotions. Three exceptional talents who have unearthed over the years range him beyond the abundant stereotypes. Contagious groove, talking improvisations, multiple alternating rhythms, the nine tracks of this new album confirm the solid artistic identity of the trio. “Sly like a fox.” A piano trio, of course. Astonishing, exciting, touching.

Claire Parsons ’In Geometry’ «Quintet»
Claire Parsons – vocals, compositions, lyrics / Eran Har Even – guitar / Jérôme Klein – piano, keyboards, percussions / Pol Belardi – bass / Niels Engel – drums

This project is a multinational collaboration between Luxembourg / British singer Claire Parsons, Israeli guitarist Eran Har Even, Franco-Luxembourg drummer and pianist Jérôme Klein, Luxembourg bassist Pol Belardi and drummer Niels Engel. The project is based in Luxembourg, Brussels and Amsterdam and makes a rich contribution to the sounds of constantly evolving modern European jazz.
“In Geometry” was born out of the desire to form a creative connection and to blend the diverse experiences of musicians through Claire’s original compositions. Each of the musicians brings their own vision and style to the music and thus creates an intimate and exciting atmosphere with the intention of creating harmony and balance in the existing environment.

Arthur Possing Quartet ft. Thomas Mayade
Arthur Possing – piano, compositions / Thomas Mayade – trumpet / Pierre Cocq-Amann – saxophones, compositions / Sebastian “Schlapbe“ Flach – double bass, effects, compositions / Niels Engels – drums

The repertoire of this quartet is made up of personal compositions, as well as pieces by jazzmen that the group is particularly fond of. They offer us a modern jazz, which however cares to maintain a link with tradition, by mixing influences from all sides. The first album “Four Years”, released in March 2018 on the Belgian label Hypnote Records, was warmly received by the public and the press and won the “Hit” of Couleurs Jazz in France.
Today, they return to the Jazz Station to present us the second opus: “Natural Flow”. In the continuity of “Four Years”, the group continues its exploration in order to offer innovative and sought-after sounds, which gives it a unique DNA. The musicians recorded the album at Peter Gabriel’s famous Real World Studios in Box (UK), which are among the most renowned studios in the world. They are home to a range of the best audio equipment ever made.

Michel Meis 4tet
Michel Meis – drums / Alisa Klein – trombone / Cédric Hanriot – piano / Stephan Goldbach – double bass

“Kaboom”, second album by Michel Meis’ quartet, is a real sound explosion. Oscillating between the muscular sound of a Big Band from which the powerful trombone of Alisa Klein emerges, atmospheres of a smoky piano-bar where the catchy keyboard melodies by Cédric Hanriot hover and the elegant double bass of Stephan Goldbach, the group there continues the work started with his first album, offering music that is at the same time complex, playful, dancing and melancholic. This diversity is crystallized in the playing of the young drummer, who fully assumes there a hybrid identity between the inside side of his rock-hardcore heritage and the complex and muffled rhythm of jazz. In addition to his usual acolytes, Michel Meis surrounded himself with the violinist Theo Ceccaldi for an album with a long breath, the discovery of which is similar to a crossing both dazzling and unpredictable of genres, tones, atmospheres, dusting the jazz by bringing in elements from (post-) rock or classical music. From State of Uncertainty, written during the first confinement, to the final Re:build, the album reproduces the uncertainties of the world we live in – but also the possible construction of a better tomorrow.