15.10.2021 #kulturlxnews

Presentation of the selection committees

Kultur | lx has put in a place selection committee for each of the sectors supported. The members are chosen on the basis of their skills and experience in the sector in question. They are drawn from Luxembourg’s cultural sector will have an advisory function within Kultur | lx, bringing their expertise to Kultur | lx and reflecting the expectations of the cultural sector, as well as a decision-making function for the granting of subsidies and the awarding of grants.

Architecture, design, crafts

Tania Brugnoni (Creative Hub 1535°)
Jean Marc Dimanche (De Mains de Maîtres a.s.b.l.)
Heike Fries (Design Friends – accompanied by Anabel Witry and Reza Kianpour)
Marc Lis (Luxinnovation)
Andrea Rumpf (LUCA)

Visual arts

Christian Mosar (Konschthal, Esch)
Ruud Priem (MNHA)
Marc Scozzai (Rotondes)
Julie Wagener (AAPL – accompanied by Tine Krumhorn and Nora Wagner)

Literature and publishing

Jeanne Glesener (Université de Luxembourg)
Nathalie Jacoby (CNL)
Roland Kayser (Éditions Phi – accompanied by Miguel Fernandes, Editions Schortgen)
Jérôme Netgen (Kulturfabrik)
Florent Toniello (A:LL Schrëftsteller*innen – accompanied by Tullio Forgiarini and Nora Wagener)


Stéphanie Baustert (manager)
Luka Heindrichs (De Gudde Wëllen)
Florence Martin (United Instruments of Lucilin)
Marc Nickts (SACEM)
John Rech (Opderschmelz)

Performing arts

Maxime Bender (Trifolion / Président Réseau Luxembourgeois des Centres Culturels Régionaux)
Coraline Garnero (TROIS C-L)
Laura Graser (Rotondes / Présidente de l’ASSITEJ Luxembourg)
Anne Legill (Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg)
Stéphane Ghislain Roussel (PROJETEN / Collège des compagnies au sein de la Theaterfederatioun – accompanied by Tammy Reichling, Maskénada)