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The inimitable duo CHAiLD x Maz announce their first together concert ever at KuFa!

After entering the Luxembourgish charts with their hit single “Sick Water” in 2019, the inimitable duo CHAiLD x Maz announce their first together concert ever on October 23 at KulturFabrik. Both young artists are going to present their universes individually but also their artistic synergy on this special occasion.  Talent, hard work and unbreakable friendship.

The project CHAiLD was officially created in April 2019 by Adriano Lopes Da Silva, a young and uprising singer-songwriter based in Liverpool, originally from Luxembourg. CHAiLD comes up with a very own pleasing style of Pop. His song „Sick Water“ which features Maz, hit national radio charts for more than 11 consecutive weeks, peaking at Top 10. He combines the organic aspect of songwriting with modern, atmospheric and contemporary sounds. Through his unique soothing voice and his moody melodies, the young singer-songwriter takes the listener instantly in his melancholic universe, where he transforms the most negative feelings one can have into beauty and art. Live, the artist is accompanied by his session musicians. In 2019, CHAiLD supported Dean Lewis in Den Atelier and Mahmood at Rockhal.

Maz (LU)
Maz tends towards gloom, inhales melancholy and spits out hope. Old school beats meet the words of the progressive rapper from the future, we’ve been waiting for. His rhymes are spot on and aim right into our wounds. The content is the message. A raw confrontation with life in brutal honesty. A determination to not only scratch at the surface, but to rip it open. Maz draws from life and there is no life without death. No death without illness. No suffering without an open heart. No healing without vulnerability. With a sharpened musical and visual identity (#mazk), the young rapper wants to give the voiceless not just a voice, but an uncompromising vision. Along with his followers, he seeks to drop the self-imposed mask and all other unnecessary superficialities.
This rapper was awarded « Best Performer » at the Screaming Fields and nominated for the « Best Upcoming Artist 2018 » for the Luxembourg Music Awards.

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This event received support from Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg with Luxembourg focus programme.