24.05.2023 #literature

Discover the latest publications at Marché de la Poésie

Discover the latest publications by Luxembourg poets, in particular our very prolific authors Jean Portante and Lambert Schlechter, with a particularly dense news stream, showing the loyalty of publishing houses, particularly French ones, to these two authors.

Paul Mathieu, À bord [suivi de] On dirait Lisbonne
Éditions Phi, 2021, poetry, french

This two-part collection by Paul Mathieu takes the reader on a journey to Africa on a liner, using, among other things, photographs and postcards of the Belgian Congo in the 1920s. In the second part, the author plays with the word ” personne “, referring to the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. À bord was nominated for the Prix Servais 2022.

Jean Portante, Le pain n’est pas encore pétri
Éditions caractères, 2023, poetry, french

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the publication of Jean Portante’s first book Feu et Boue in 1983, the publisher Caractères presents a personal anthology by Jean Portante. This new book of poems also features drawings by the Luxembourg painter Robert Brandy.

Jean Portante, Tout battement est secret / Poésie de Cuba 1959-2022,
Éditions caractères, 2023, poetry, french
Selection and translation Jean Portante / Preface Víctor Rodríguez Núñez
With poetry from: Fina García-Marruz, Antón Arrufat, Manuel Díaz Martínez, José Kozer, Nancy Morejón (Honorary President of the Marché de la Poésie), Lina de Feria, Luis Lorente, Soleida Ríos, Reina María Rodríguez, Alex Fleites, Marilyn Bobes, Víctor Rodríguez Núñez, Alfredo Zaldívar, Ramón Fernández-Larrea, Roberto Méndez Martínez, Rodolfo Häsler, Carlos Augusto Alfonso, Laura Ruiz Montes, Damaris Calderón, Luis Yuseff, Leymen Pérez García, Óscar Cruz, Sergio García Zamora

Tout battement est secret offers a rich panorama of Cuba’s poetic voices.

* Lambert Schlechter, Perles de Pacotilles sur le chapelet du Silence, Préface de Jean Portante
APIC éditions, 2023, poetry, french

The collection “Poème du monde”, curated by the poet and anthropologist Habib Tengour, presents collections of original poems from all over the world in their original language and translated into French. In this new collection with a preface by Jean Portante, Lambert Schlechter, poet, writer and philosopher from Luxembourg, presents several unpublished works entitled Neuvains VIIè série.

* Lambert Schlechter, Fragments du Journal intime de Dieu
Editions L’herbe qui tremble, 2023, fragments, french

God here takes himself for God, with a primitive legitimacy, but also a lucidity and a distance that will no doubt surprise. From the lofty zone of his eternity he has taken the time and the distance to examine, if not reconsider, some emblematic aspects of his relationship with the descendants of Adam and Eve. After having painted the portrait of 16 ordinary people (Wendelin et les autres, published by L’herbe qui tremble), Lambert Schlechter became a scribe under the dictation of God.

* Ouvrage collectif
, Haute Tension, avec des poèmes de Hélène Tyrtoff
Le castor astral, 2022, poetry, french

This anthology brings together French-speaking poets from all continents. The book features the powerful and original voices of women and men of different generations, from various countries and cultures. Composed mainly of unpublished poems, this anthology enables readers to discover or rediscover some forty important poets.