Focus - Dance in Luxembourg #1

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, a new institution in the support and accompaniment of performing arts.

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg works closely with national and international professionals for the development, dissemination and promotion of Luxembourg’s Culture and Creativity in a wide range of fields: Architecture, Design, Arts and Crafts; Multimedia and Digital Arts; Visual Arts; Literature and Publishing; Music; and Performing Arts.

Our main goal is to help artists, creations and professionals from the Luxembourg cultural industry to thrive on international scenes through the implementation of dedicated support mechanisms.

The Luxembourg performing arts scene is multilingual, has many different influences and aesthetics, has long been open to the international scene and belongs to various creation and cooperation networks. Kultur | lx is part of this existing momentum and is at the disposal of international professionals to help them to better identify Luxembourgish creations and to establish new collaborations and channels.


Friday 10 December, 2021

18:00 – Welcome drink

Trois C-L
12 Rue du Puits
L-2355 Luxembourg

20:00 – “Starving Dingoes” by Léa Tirabasso (Premiere)

Starving Dingoes plunges into the dreamworld of childhood; that of regained freedom, poetry, brutality and violence. It is the observation of the smallness or the depth of humanity without artifice, with a smirk, to forget time and quench our hunger for life.
The piece is a race for five dancers who, through the body and its language, explore the vital necessity, albeit brutal, to stay together. It explores our potential reactions to the dysfunctional element of the group; to repair it or sacrifice it in order to save the whole.

Léa Tirabasso
Léa Tirabasso is a choreographer and dancer who lives and works between London and Luxembourg. By creating bridges between dance, science and philosophy, her work explores without compromise the littleness of our beings. Her previous works include TOYS (2017) and The Ephemeral life of an octopus (2019), part of the Aerowaves Twenty20 selection. In 2016, she received the Arts and Letters Prize from the Grand-Ducal Institute of Luxembourg.

Performers: Catarina Barbosa, Laura Patay, Karl Fagerlund Brekke, Alistair Goldsmith, Laura Lorenzi
Composer: Johanna Bramli & Ed Chivers
Lighting and Set Designer: Nicolas Tremblay, Thomas Bernard

Production: Lipstick Traces
Co-production: Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-La-Pape Yuval Pick
Commissionned byThe Place London ; Dance East
Supported by: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg as part of the programme ‘La Chapelle de la Danse’, initiated by the Compagnie La Baraka/Abou Lagraa in Annonay, supported by the Fonds Culturel National, the TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois and Annonay Rhône Agglo En Scènes.

Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg
1 Rond-Point Schuman
L-2525 Luxembourg

Distribution :
Victor Leclère
La Magnanerie
+33(0) 1 43 36 37 12

21:30 – Dinner

Brasserie Schuman
1 Rond-Point Schuman
L-2525 Luxembourg

Saturday 11 December, 2021

10:30 – 1535° Creative Days

The 1535 ° Creative Hub is an innovative, interactive and multidisciplinary concept. It is also more than 500 jobs, distributed in 68 creative companies, 84 rental spaces, all in a total area of more than 15,000 m2.

Creative Days is the annual open house edition of the 1535 ° Creative Hub. On the program: Workshop visits, immersive experiences, workshops, live shows, Shopping spots, Food trucks

On this occasion, the City of Differdange will inaugurate building B, the brand new space of the creative hub.

1535° creative hub
115 rue Emile Mark
L-4620 Differdange


15:00 – “Dreamer” by Anne-Mareike Hess (open rehearsal)

The TROIS C-L will open the doors to the rehearsals of Anne-Mareike Hess’ new creation, Dreamer, which will premiere on December 17 in Neimënster.

Dreamer ventures beyond the thin border which separates the real from the imaginary and the felt from the fantasy. The Dreamer – a sensual embodiment of awakened femininity as well as a transparent surface for spectator projections – draws audiences with her voice and perpetual change of appearance into a surreal space gradually revealing patriarchal inscriptions in the female body.


Anne-Mareike Hess

Anne-Mareike Hess
Anne-Mareike Hess works as a choreographer and performer. Since 2012, her works have been shown at numerous venues and festivals throughout Europe. Her first evening-long solo Warrior has been selected by AEROWAVES Twenty20. Winner of the Luxembourg Dance Prize (Lëtzebuerger Danzpräis) in 2015, she is the founder and artistic director of utopic productions.

Dramaturg: Thomas Schaupp
Composer: Marc Lohr
Costumes: Mélanie Planchard
Light Designer: Brice Durand
Production: utopic productions
Co-production: Neimënster, Weld Stockholm, Skogen
Partners: TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Ministère de la Culture Luxembourg, Fonds Culturel National Luxembourg, BoraBora Residency Center Aarhus, Tanzhaus Zürich.

Trois C-L
12 Rue du Puits
L-2355 Luxembourg

Distribution :
Nicole Schuchardt

16:30 – Drink & networking

Trois C-L
12 Rue du Puits
L-2355 Luxembourg

19:00 – “Rouge est une couleur froide” by Sarah Baltzinger (Premiere)

Conceived as an allegory of anger, questioning the colour of red and its different representations, this creation evokes the process of identity transition and the ambivalence that exists in each of us. This new choreographic object takes the form of a quartet of dancers accompanied by a musical performance, all thought out in a singular performance relationship with the audience, in a two-front arrangement.

Sarah Baltzinger
Sarah Baltzinger began her career at 19 with Compagnie Totum (FR). In 2010, she moved to Spain to join the SEED’S training unit within the CobosMika Company. She subsequently worked with various choreographers: Jordi Cortès (ES), Elena Fokina (Ultima Vez, BE), Olga Cobos (ES), Peter Mika (SK / ES), Corinne Lanselle (FR). In parallel with her career as an interpreter, Sarah Baltzinger carries out her own choreographic work and interprets her creations between Luxembourg and France, which has placed her in cross-border roots since 2016.

Choreographer: Sarah Baltzinger
Performers: Brian Ca, Loïc Faquet, Sarah Baltzinger and Guillaume Jullien
Dramaturg: Amandine Truffy
Designer: Naomi Coureau – Collectif Gamut
Composer: Guillaume Jullien
Production: La Poulie Production – Victor Hocquet and Frédérique Wirtz
Partners: TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Ministère de la Culture Luxembourg, Gouvernement du Grand-Duché, Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande Duchesse Charlotte, Fondation Indépendance, Ville de Metz, Cité Musicale-Metz, Théâtre de Thionville, CCN Rilleux-La-Pape, Dispositif RECIF – Ballet Karukera – CCN L’Artchipel, Laboratoire Chorégraphique de Reims, Réseau DANSE DENSE, Centre Pompidou-Metz, Le Maillon – Chantier de résidence L’Âge d’Or, #Chantier à ciel couvert, Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg, Espace 110 – Illzach.

12 Rue du Puits
L-2355 Luxembourg

Distribution :
Victor Hocquet
La Poulie production
+33(0) 1 43 36 37 12



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