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On the shelves now! #4

What can we expect from this spring 2022? Records, whose releases we have been looking forward to!

GUNDOG, Orchestre national de jazz Luxembourg feat Morgane Ji, direction Gast Waltzing

The National Jazz Orchestra Luxembourg’s long-standing collaboration with Morgane Ji, whose music was arranged in 2017 by Gast Waltzing and David Laborier, now results in the release of GUNDOG. The record, recorded at Studio ICP in Brussels, combines the sound of the Big Band with the singer’s voice to form a powerful symbiosis.

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Dreamlover, Albena Petrovic

Albena Petrovic’s new CD is dedicated to her works for saxophone, and particularly baritone saxophone, interpreted here by Joan MartÍ- Frasquier. Thanks to his virtuoso playing, he showcases the range of sonic possibilities provided by the instrument, which is rarely put on centre stage. His opus also entails Petrovic’s first piece written for the saxophone in 2006, a quartet named Gebet zum Nichterscheinen, played by ECHO Rising Star Kebyart Ensemble.

Albena Petrovic was supported by Kultur | lx – promotion support


LUNA, Pascal Schumacher

After the success of SOL, Pascal Schumacher is to release his new album LUNA on the German label Neue Meister, a diametric opposition to the previous release, not only in terms of mood, but also in terms of creative standpoints.

In this promising new album, Pascal Schumacher features, among others, compositions for the post-classical ensemble ECHO Collective, which turned out to be a “unique experience”. All along the tracks pointing to the differing moods of lightness and darkness, Pascal Schumacher reflects his fascination for acoustics in single Nostalgia, or delivers a tribute to Leon Theremin’s instrument in Rythmicon. His very last single Molodost, performed with string ensemble ECHO Collective, deals with his memories of a bar in Odessa.

Stay in touch for the other singles to come and for the upcoming release on March 25th!

You can discover Pascal Schumacher’s CD at the following dates :

March 25th 2022 at Framed, Berlin, DE
March 26th 2022 at TONALi, Hamburg, DE
March 29th 2022 at Tonne, Dresde, DE
May 5th 2022 at Tempel, Karlsruhe, DE
May 7th 2022 at X-Jazz Festival, Berlin, DE

Pascal Schumacher was supported by Kultur | lx – promotion support


on early music, Francesco Tristano

Laureate of the Global Project Grant 2022 for classical/contemporary music, Francesco Tristano released his new album on early music on February 11th 2022 (Sony Classical).

“This album is a sort of return to my roots: early music has been one of my favourite areas since my early age”, Francesco Tristano says.

The pianist is returning indeed to early music and brings a contemporary note thanks to his production skills and studio mastery. In this regard, this new opus mixes five original compositions with works by early composers such as Orlando Gibbons, John Bull, Peter Phillips, as well as one of Tristano’s main source of inspiration, that is Girolamo Frescobaldi.

Kultur lx Arts Council Luxembourg - Francesco Tristano Global Project Grant


Heartbeat Pulse/Sync, Pol Belardi

On March 11th 2022, Pol Belardi will release the music Video of Heartbeat Pulse/Sync, from his last Album “Organic Machine”, released on 2019 under Cristal Records. The Video will be shown at the Music Video Night at LuxFilmFest.

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directed by Fränz Hausemer,
starring Marco Lorenzini
shot by Fabien Spaus