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On the shelves now! classic-jazz (november/december 2022)

Zala & Val Kravos Piano Duet

This album follows Zala Kravos’ first album, recorded in 2017. This new project is based on the long-term collaboration between Zala Kravos and her brother Val as a piano duet. Since their youngest age, both pianists regularly perform together, also on the international scale. This album features a wide range of repertoires that reveal the technical and performing qualities of the duo, notably through Schubert’s Fantasia in F Minor, considered as a monument in the field of four-hands piano repertoire. The album ends with a contemporary piece by the French composer Françoise Choveaux, showing the taste of Zala and Val for the unexpected and the experimentation.

Complete programme:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sonata in D Minor KV 381 (123a)
Franz Schubert, Fantasia in F Minor D 940
Georges Bizet, Children’s Games Op. 22
Françoise Choveaux, Poem Op. 269

Available on Ars Production in November. Physical release on November 4th, Digital release on November 18th.

Daniel Migliosi : Left on scene – newcomer jazz

Daniel Migliosi, a trumpet player from Luxembourg’s new generation of jazz, will release his first album Left on scene, recorded with musicians he met during his studies in Cologne and which pays tribute to the hard-bop tradition: “The musicans who took part in this album are friends, Daniel explains “In 2020 we were still able to do a lot together despite Corona. We jammed, hung out a lot and got to know each other really well.”. The result of this artistic friendship is an album that includes some hidden pop elements. Indeed, what matters to Daniel is to attract the attention of jazz amateurs, but also those who might not be familiar with this type of music.

Release on November 4th on Mons Records.