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Press corner - Classical/jazz (2023)

This year was another year of praise for Luxembourg artists in the international press. Discover below the best quotes featuring jazz and classical music artists from Luxembourg.

Tele-Port, Please Disperse

“This quartet plays powerful, energetic, colourful and dense vibrations that explode like supernovas in the listener’s heart and body. Even in a ballad like Cloud Jumper, the sound is strong, rocketing like an Apollo that is about to take off, probably because the quartet is made up of outstanding musicians.” – Le Soir,  Jean-Claude Vantroyen, FR


Michel Meis, Lollipop Moment

“Explosive, edgy, provocative: the album features compositions incorporated in extensive and fearless free improvisations. As elaborate as it is spontaneous, Michel Meis’s 4tet breaks down the boundaries between genres, creating something truly avant-garde that refuses to be categorized.” – Jazz Trotter, France Musique, FR


Arthur Possing, ID:entity

“… nine small, fine, glittering, charming miniatures for the present, none longer than five minutes, graspable, technically demanding and yet full of natural beauty…” – Jazzthing, DE


Jambal, The Great Wave, Enterprises of great pith and moment

“The track is a delectable glimpse of the layered and cohesive sonic world of guitar riffs, melancholic keys, trumpet crescendos and intricate drum patterns that the album will offer us. With an emotive and expressive core that shines bright on each individual track, the album is set to be a showcase of continuitiy, individual brilliance and an instrumental celebration.” – Malvika Padin, Earmilk, UK


Dock in Absolute, [RE]flekt

“Not a single moment of distraction, not a second of boredom, as the trio sounds with such consistence that the iterative aspect of some sequences never lets one get bored, quite the contrary: this repetitive ritual supports creative, original, subtle and varied tracks.” – JazzMania, Jean-Pierre Goffin, BE


Greg Lamy & Flavio Boltro, Letting Go

“This highly successful new album exudes an astonishing elegance and refinement, an obvious simplicity (on both strings and brass) that surpasses any vain display of virtuosity, outlining a jazz that is limpid, airy, remarkably melodic and, from start to finish, of great beauty.” – Rolling Stone, Philippe Blanchet, FR


Claire Parsons & Laurent Peckels, The Aquatic Museum

“Between jazz, pop and contemporary music, fluid lines, dense orchestral arrangements and luxuriant harmonies, the clear, agile voice of [Claire Parsons] and her introspective lyrics, inhabited by flourishing inner worlds, navigate a vast field of possibilities and plunge us into an ambitious sonic experience inviting us to dream or philizophize.” – Catherine Carette, FIP


Naama Liany, Daydream

“Naama Liany’s brassy mezzo, always sincere, expresses several facets of dreaming between prayer, delirium and renouncing, through a programme called “Daydream”. This gathers several composers from the 20th and 21st centuries. From Albena Petrovic to Berstein’s young heroin (Barbara), French-Israeli singer Naama Liany offers a dip into the diversity of modern and contemporary compositions.” – Classique News, FR