Kultur | lx continues its “carte blanche” series in 2023, giving artists the opportunity to reinterpret the values and visual identity of Kultur | lx. After a year in which illustration dominated our homepage with works by Dirk Kesseler, Irina Moons and Keong-A Song, Kultur | lx is initiating a series around video, starting with an artwork by the Luxembourg artist and director Suzan Noesen.

I wanted to make a video with a gestural metaphor for the activities surrounding culture and art – whether it is making, mediating, preserving, consuming, it is all about trying to grasp an essence which is contained in a form but which is never truly tangible. So the existence, value and pleasure of art and culture – aesthetics – might consist mostly in sustaining the practices, the attempts, the imperfect fumbling for something that lies behind the senses. In maintaining the practice of art and culture through different times, realities, technologies.The title is an excerpt from the dialogue of my recent work OBSOLETE TERRAIN, about an apple tree with its large symbolics of conscience, genesis – the beginning of sedentary culture – or the self-destruction of the tree through its bred hyper-productivity.“, comments the artist.

Discover the artwork on the home page of our website and our social media pages. (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)

Kultur | lx, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Mudam Luxembourg, is launching a call for applications for Luxembourg’s national participation at the Venice Biennale – 60th International Exhibition of Contemporary Art.

The 60th edition will take place from 20 April to 24 November 2024. Appointed in December 2022 by the Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia, the Brazilian curator and current artistic director of the Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand – MASP, Adriano Pedrosa, will be the General Curator of the 2024 Biennale. The theme of the general exhibition is not yet known.

By supporting Luxembourg’s regular participation in the Venice Biennale, the Ministry of Culture ensures the presence of Luxembourg artists at one of the most important contemporary art events, thus contributing to the international influence of its artistic scene.

Artists applying must be of Luxembourg nationality or reside in Luxembourg. In the case of a collective of artists, at least one of the members must meet this criterion. In addition, they must have a track record of professional activity as visual artists. Artists’ collectives or artists with a multidisciplinary orientation are also invited to apply.

A single jury will follow the entire selection process. It will bring together several national and international experts:

Applicants will be selected in two stages:

1. Shortlist applicants
Deadline: 26 February 2023
Shortlisted applicants notification : The week of 6 March 2023.

2.Project selection
Deadline: 23 April 2023.
The winning project will be announced on the week of 1 May 2023.

More information HERE.

A call for applications for the 2023 Research and Creation Residency at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin resulted in 5 project proposals The jury met on two occasions: once in Luxembourg on 28 November; and once in Berlin on 30 November. It commended the quality of the applications and projects submitted. The first round jury members were: Clément Minghetti (Mudam – Luxembourg); Claudine Hemmer (Ministry of Culture); and Lisa Kohl (Resident 2022). The second round jury members were experts chosen by the Künstlerhaus Bethanien.

The jury decided to award the residency to Yann Annicchiarico for his research project titled “Mitdenken – Von Berberaffen und Kletten im Atelier” (Thinking – About Barbary Macaques and Burdock in the Atelier).

Jury Statement
The jury was particularly impressed by the energy the artist has poured into his personal research. The complexity of his work which explores radical otherness through cognitive thresholds is further developed in this proposed project. The artist’s approach this time follows the fine line that artificially separates humans, animals, nature and culture. Using the senses, he creates a way to perceive phenonmenon that are otherwise inaccessible to cartesian thinking. This time, however, Annicchiarico uses a geography and topics that are much more intimate and personal.

The  Künstlerhaus Bethanien jury noted the following:
“We feel that the artist’s aesthetic approach is particularly varied, lying somewhere between art/research and magic. By exploring the relationship between the human and non-human, he is in direct contact with the most burning of contemporary issues. We therefore believe that he is extremely contemporary in the best sense of the term.”

The project (extract from the application)
“My work aims to integrate the way in which other living beings live into human thought. It seeks to abolish the artificial separation of nature and culture. It is in this light that I’ve been following current theories on non-human anthropology from the past decade with great interest. The body of works presented in my portfolio began with a chance encounter when a moth passed through one of my sculptures and left a trace of its presence. As flying, noctural creatures, the biological make up of moths offers radically different ways to exist and perceive the world, in comparison to ours.  My small human universe was enriched by that chance encounter with an insect. Another important aspect of my work concerns the way in which architecture, through modern cities, structures our human thought and is undoubtedly the origin for this artificial division between nature and the world, nature and culture.”

About Yann Annicchiarico
Yann Annicchiarico (1983, Luxembourg) has held solo exhibitions at KIT – Kunst im Tunnel in Düsseldorf (2020), Nosbaum Reding Projects in Luxembourg (2019), and the Centre des Arts Pluriels in Ettelbruck (2018), and joint exhibitions at the MUDAM – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean in Luxembourg (2021) and the Museo Archeologico del Chianti Senese in Italy (2019). He has been an research artist at the Contemporary Art and Temporalities of History (ACTH) research department at the Lyon Ecole des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) since 2011. He has completed residencies at the Fonderie Darling in Montreal (2019) and the Villa Medicis Académie de France in Rome (2015). He received the Francis-André grant in 2020 for his first monographic exhibition in a public institution at the  KIT – Kunst im Tunnel in Düsseldorf. His work was selected for New Positions at Art Cologne in 2019. In 2022, he received a Kultur | lx Portfolio Grant for his book, De papillons de nuit et de l’échelle de Muybridge/Of Moths and Muybridge’s Scale. He lives and works in Luxembourg.


A call for applications for the 2023 Multidisciplinary research and creation residency at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris resulted in 11 project proposals. At a meeting on 29 November, the jury was pleased to note the diversity, quality of, and investment in the proposed projects. The jury members were: Souraya Kessaria (Cité internationale des arts, Paris); Marlène Kreins (Centres d’art de la Ville de Dudelange); Letizia Romanini (Resident in 2022); Nathalie Ronvaux (Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzette); and Francisco Sassetti (Philharmonie Luxembourg).

The jury unanimously decided to award the residency to the artist Julien Hübsch for his research project titled ‘walls/origins/replacements‘.

Jury Statement
The jury was particularly impressed by the extent to which the artist’s proposal was already well-developed, the relevance of the reflections under consideration, and the research process which is firmly rooted in the public space in Paris and the way in which is evolving.

The jury also noted the artist’s professional experience and believes that the residency comes at a significant moment in his career and will allow him to put his research into practice in the international environment of the Cité des arts and in Paris more generally.

The Project (extract from the application)
“Much of my work as an artist has focused on vandalism and the way in which it is dealt with in public spaces. My work is therefore connected with the history of graffiti. It looks not only at the technical aspects of painting with spray cans, but also the importance of public spaces as a playground.
During my residency at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris, I would like to research historical sites that saw rapid growth in street art and tags across the world and which were considered key areas for interactions between graffiti artists since the end of the 1960s.
I believe my work would benefit significantly from time spent outside my production studio in Germany and allow me to focus my field research in one of the most important places for my current work in progress.”

About Julien Hübsch
Based in Luxembourg and Mainz, Julien Hübsch (1995, Esch-sur-Alzette) has studied at the Kunsthochschule Mainz, the Bauhaus University in Weimar, and the HGB Leipzig. He has been taught by Anne Speier, Franziska Reinbothe, Prof. Shannon Bool, Prof. Thomas Schmidt, Heike Aumüller, and Prof. Sven Kroner.
Julien Hübsch’s practice explores the concepts of vandalism and the understanding of urban spaces in order to create environments that fluctuate between paintings, in situ sculptures, and installations.
His work has been shown in several individual and group exhibitions in Germany and Luxembourg. He was also nominated for the Edward Steichen Award (2022) and the Robert Schuman Art Prize (2021).

Taking advantage of the Luxembourg Art Week, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg organised from 9 to 11 November a focus on the Luxembourg art scene for contemporary art professionals.

During three days, about twenty professionals from 5 countries who had come to Luxembourg, visited art centres, museums and artists’ studios.

For this third Focus on the Visual Arts, Kultur | lx offered foreign professionals studio visits curated by Marianne Derrien, independent curator, art critic, teacher and vice-president of c|e|a, the French association of curators in France.

Five artists opened the doors of their studios to guide visitors into their unique worlds: Aline Bouvy, Hisae Ikenaga, Vera Kox, Letizia Romanini and Aïda Schweitzer. These were moments of intimate and profound exchange that allowed each of them to confront another view of their work and other horizons of expectation.

In addition to Marianne Derrien’s selection, Kultur | lx shares with professionals the conviviality and dynamism of the Luxembourg cultural scene by sharing the initiatives of artists and cultural institutions in Luxembourg.

Thus, during a privileged visit, the professionals were able to discover the exhibitions of Tacita Dean and Waters’ Witness by Tarek Atoui at Mudam, Anachronisms by Deimantas Narkevičius and New Minett curated by Sandy Flinto, Pierrick Grobéty and Daniel Marinangeli at the Konschthal Esch as well as Jours de lenteurs by Adrien Vescovi at the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’Art Contemporain.

The Luxembourg artist Eric Mangen generously opened the doors of Monique Becker’s studios and Yann Annicchiarico, winner of the portfolio grant who, accompanied by Clément Minighetti, curator at Mudam, presented his publication Des papillons de nuit et de l’échelle de Muybridge.

Finally, on the fringes of this curated programme, Kultur | lx organised on Friday 11 November a round table on the professional support of artists. Luxembourg and international professionals and artists exchanged on these questions from a keynote speech by Nathalie Filser on the condition of the artist today, followed by two round tables on the importance of the critical entourage of artists and on the evolution of residency mechanisms.

Through the implementation of this system, Kultur | lx intends to stimulate circulation and exchanges between the national and foreign scenes. The next focus on visual arts by Kultur | lx  will be held in 2023, the whole team is already looking forward to it and would like to thank the Luxembourg artists and professionals who have contributed to these days with their commitment and professionalism.

In collaboration with the Fonderie Darling in Montreal, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg offers visual artists research and creation residencies for a period of three months. For the first time, a pilot project will extend the residency by three weeks as part of the programme for joint Residencies at the Matapédia Station (Gaspésie).

Following a call for applications, jury members Stéphane Meyers (Rotondes), Stilbé Schroeder (Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’Art Contemporain) and Suzan Noesen (artist in residence in 2022) selected Justine Blau for her project VOYAGE EN SOLASTALGIE.

Jury Statement
Justine Blau has a solid track record and a strong relationship with Luxembourg whilst also being open to a wide range of influences and horizons. From her very first photo collages, Blau has explored landscapes in her work and the ways in which they are transformed by climate change and human intervention. More recently, Justine Blau has incorporated an ethical and ontological aspect into her work by looking at the plants and living beings that make up these landscapes and how they interact in various ways. Her research has naturally led her to look back at the ways in which humans have interacted with their natural environment: a relationship of domination and subjugation interwoven with narratives and beliefs, a relationship that is the opposite of the interdependence shown by other living species. In her most recent work, Blau has explored the memories of past landscapes and how they have been confronted with the way in which these landscapes have evolved and changed. This research has led the artist to focus on the people who saw their environment change as a result of progressive subjugation and who still suffer the effects of a deep trauma (solastalgia). Justine Blau uses her conceptual, almost scientific research, to create extremely refined visual works, such as videos, installations and tapestries.

In addition to the intrinsic value of Justine Blau’s work, the jury believes that the artist’s process for her project to explore the way in which communities of Indigenous peoples in Canada understand and pass on the concept of nature and landscape could be further developed during a residency in Montreal. The jury would also like to mention the artist’s contribution to art in Luxembourg and the synergies she has created around her. Her experimental approach, the range of collaborative aspects to her work, and her ability to open doors and build relationships with others are strengths that will undoubtedly ensure that this short residency will be fruitful.

About Justine Blau
Justine Blau adopts a multidisciplinary approach in her work, combining sculptures, installations, photographs and videos. Through her work, she addresses philosophical questions about humanity’s relationship with nature, images and the living world. Her creations have been exhibited many times in Luxembourg and across Europe, including most recently VIDA INERTE at the Centre Nei Liicht in Dudelange (2020), and the publication of THE VEIL OF NATURE, forthcoming from K.Verlag, Berlin. She is also currently completing PHUSIS, a film featuring a soap bubble representing an ephemeral moment, for which she received a Carte Blanche from the Film Fund. In 2019, she completed an artist’s residency at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris.


The field of visual arts in Luxembourg is a dynamic sector, with influences and aesthetics as diverse as the countries where the artists were trained. The disciplines practiced range from etching to sculpture, and include photography, drawing, digital creation and performance. The artists active in Luxembourg are almost all internationally oriented, driven by their multilingualism and their cooperation with different creation and distribution networks.

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg is part of this existing momentum and is at the disposal of international professionals to help them to better identify Luxembourgish creations and to establish new collaborations and channels.

On the occasion of the Luxembourg Art Week (11-13.11), Kultur | lx is organising two days for visual arts professionals in the Greater Region to promote exchanges and to make the Luxembourg art scene, its artists and actors, whether institutional or private, better known.

For this third Focus on Visual Arts, Kultur | lx offers foreign professionals studio visits curated by Marianne Derrien, independent curator, art critic, teacher and vice-president of c|e|a, association française des commissaires d’exposition in France. After working as project manager for the exhibitions at the French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici, she now collaborates with institutions and independent venues in France and abroad as guest curator at Mrac Occitanie-Sérignan, Mudam – Luxembourg, The Pill – Istanbul and the Wooyang Museum – South Korea. She regularly publishes texts of emerging and established artists. Since 2020, she’s in residency at le Wonder, an artist-run space in the Paris region, for a research on magical, occult and alchemical practices in contemporary art.

In addition to the selection of Marianne Derrien, Kultur | lx will share with professionals the conviviality and dynamism of the Luxembourg cultural scene by sharing artists’ and cultural institutions’ initiatives in Luxembourg.

Finally, in addition to this curated programme, Kultur | lx is organising a round table on Friday 11 November from 3 to 5 p.m. on the site of the Luxembourg Art Week, on the topic of professional support for artists.

How can artists and creators be supported throughout their careers? What are the challenges, the advantages and the obstacles to this career development, in Luxembourg and internationally? Are the existing mechanisms and policies adapted to the needs of artists?
Kultur | lx invites Luxembourg and international professionals and artists to discuss these questions through a keynote speech by Nathalie Filser – “Opening doors and windows: being an artist (today)” followed by two round tables:

Note: admission to Luxembourg Art Week is charged (€15 for adults, free for children and students).
Ticketing on site and online on the Visit & Tickets page.

Music, performing arts, literature and visual arts – in addition to cinema, which is strongly represented at this year’s Cinémania festival, Luxembourg has a rich and diverse culture, which I am happy to see exported this autumn in several venues in Montreal“, highlights Sam Tanson.

Within the framework of Luxembourg, the country of honour of the CINEMANIA festival, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg invites to discover other aspects of Luxembourg’s creation between music, performance, dance and literature. Beyond the highlight at the PHI centre on November 3, Kultur | lx is expanding its programming and allowing artists to present themselves at major platforms and festivals on the Montreal scene. The establishment of a new partnership with the Centre des auteurs dramatiques de Montréal opens a three-week residency to two authors.

03.11.2022 | PHI Centre 

17h : Networking Event
Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg invites professionals from the Quebec cultural scene to come and exchange ideas about Luxembourg’s creation and to share their desire for cooperation.

6pm – 9.30pm: Performances
Free registration HERE

A/V performance (duration 33′)
MINERALS | Andrea Mancini (creation 2022)

Copyright – Yves Conrady

An exploration of the fascinating world of minerals in an audiovisual and sound performance.

Concert (duration 40′)

Copyright – Shade Cumini

Pop, folk or electro, the musician draws from a multitude of influences to build dense, soft and yet powerful pieces.

Dance performance (duration 30′)

Copyright – Eddi van Tsui

In “Art. 13 Runway” the theme of migration merges with that of fashion. A hybrid form created and adapted for the PHI centre that integrates its architecture, consciously playing with the audience’s perception to move and exceed the limits of the stage.


Continuing the discovery…

04.11 | 18h | Darling Foundry, Montreal
Open Studio With Suzan Noesen
As part of her residency at the Fonderie Darling (September-November 2022), Suzan Noesen opens the doors of her studio to discuss her project and her research.
fonderiedarling.org | suzannoesen.com

07.11 – 12.11 | Luxembourg delegation at the CINARS Biennial
Every two years since 1984, CINARS has organised one of the most important international meetings of the performing arts in Montreal with more than 1900 professionals from 54 countries, including 433 of the most important presenters in the world. This year, the artists invited to the PHI Centre and the Machine Room Festival will be accompanied by Kultur | lx to meet international professionals.

07.11 – 28.11 | Centre des auteurs dramatiques
Author in residence: Sophie Langevin and Ian De Toffoli
Founded in 1965 by six authors, the CEAD now has over 290 members. An association of authors serving authors, CEAD is a centre for the support, promotion and dissemination of French-language drama in Quebec and Canada. It occupies a unique place in the theatrical landscape, both in terms of the number of its members and the objectives of research and excellence that it pursues. The CEAD is involved in collaborations with other countries. Luxembourg is invited for the first time to benefit from these programmes.

17.11 | 4pm | Quai des Brumes + 10.45pm | Casa del Popolo
C’est Karma – M for Montreal Festival
For the past 17 years, M pour Montréal has acted as an essential catalyst for the Quebec and Canadian music industry, both for emerging artists and those developing their careers outside of Quebec. The event offers a series of conferences where local and international music industry professionals gather. For this first Luxembourg participation, the artist C’est Karma will be honoured.

19.11 | 5pm | Centre du théâtre d’aujourd’hui
Perspectives d’auteur-rices: l’écriture en chantier. With Sophie Langevin and Ian De Toffoli
Festival la Salle des machines
La Salle des machines is a unique event organised by the Centre des auteurs dramatiques. As part of this festival, authors offer the public dramaturgical meetings around their texts in progress. Ian De Toffoli and Sophie Langevin, in residence at CEAD, will discuss writing in progress and their respective practices.

Kultur | lx would like to thank its partners for the opportunity and the realisation of this programme: the Film Fund Luxembourg, the Cinemania Festival, the Phi Centre, the Fonderie Darling, the M for Montreal Festival and the Centre des auteurs dramatiques de Montréal.

In November, let’s spread our imaginations and meet around the artists and creations of Luxembourg!

The Künstlerhaus Bethanien is organising a group exhibition from 30 September to 23 October (opening on 29 September, 7 PM) presenting the work of 5 of its residents: François Lemieux (Canada/Quebec), Lisa Kohl (Luxembourg), Nicole Rafiki (Norway), Yun-Pei Hsiung (Taiwan) and Thomas Schmahl (France).

Focus on the work of Lisa Kohl, laureate of the 2022 call for applications offered by Kultur | lx, in residency from 01 July to 31 December.

The work of Lisa Kohl (b. 1988 in Luxembourg) can be understood as a conglomerate of digital media, installations, field research, documentation, staging and narration. Her artistic excavations revolve around the ephemeral, the absent and the imaginary. Aesthetic phenomena of absence, migration and situatedness play a central role in her work. In the field of tension between material presence and actual events on the one hand, and the realm of the possible, the fictitious and the invisible on the other, she finds near-endless artistic possibilities to merge both instances into simulations.

The video THE GAME (Bihać | Bosnian-Croatian Border | 2022) highlights the struggles of migrants through the aesthetics of gaming. Escape routes are shown on a smartphone from the perspective of a young Afghan man. The device is reminiscent of a VR game console. In the voiceover, the protagonist can be heard describing the different forms of escape and pushbacks that he personally experienced. A subtle sense of menace and tension underpins his account.

The photo series BLINDSPOT (Bihać | Bosnian-Croatian Border | Calais | France | 2022) metaphorically embodies the presence of the absent and the visibility of the invisible. The elements it depicts, such as the shelter, the mihrab carpet and the body cast, symbolically allude to the notion of refuge and the appropriation of anonymous spaces of living and prayer. The sacral mood here refers to belief and hope in relation to identity and strangeness, intimacy and home(lessness).

The series HALIDOM (Canary Islands | Spain–North Africa | 2022) represents sainthood on an iconographic level – as a pictorial metaphor for life and death, presence and absence, limitation and expanse, height and abyss. Sculptural figures in barren areas and border zones become symbolic monuments and representatives of the unseen. The veil is synonymous with concealment, protection and camouflage. The relief and the folds of the cloth suggest notions of divinity, heroism and inviolability. This series confronts us with spaces of transition – an allegory for the longing for freedom and redemption.

The video installation ACROSS (2022), created during the artist’s stay at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, confronts us with brutalist window architecture and a view of a vast sky lined with dissolving clusters of clouds. Concrete and air these two materials could not be more different and yet here they form a harmonious entity that calls to mind countless images, from medieval Annunciations to window depictions in German Romanticism and famous film scenes. They all have one thing in common: the window serves (in various ways) as a threshold between this world and the hereafter that not only separates the two but also establishes a contact between them. The artwork was created in collaboration with the sound designer Sören Schenk.

Kottbusser Straße 10
10999 Berlin
Free admission
Tue – Sun: 2pm – 7pm 


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Continuing its series of field trips to major international contemporary art events, Kultur | lx organised a fieldtrip to Lyon from 12 to 14 September, on the occasion of the professional days of the 16th Biennale of Contemporary Art. It was also an opportunity to highlight the release of Yann Annicchiarico’s book, which received the Kultur | lx portfolio grant last spring.

Postponed, due to the pandemic, the Lyon Biennial of Art (14/09-31/12/2022) joins the movements of post-covid questioning of the world that have agitated major contemporary art events this year. The title of the exhibition, “Manifesto of Fragility”, curated by Till Fellrath and Sam Bardaouil, both co-directors of the Berlin Museum of Contemporary Art – Hamburger Bahnhof, “affirms fragility as intrinsically linked to a form of resistance initiated in the past, in touch with the present and capable of facing the future”. Taking 12 sites in the city of Lyon, from the former Fagor factories to the macLyon, via the Gadagne Museum and the Lyon Part Dieu train station, the Biennial invites us to accept “fragility as one of the most widespread truths in our divided world” and to think about this vulnerability in the light of the works and objects presented, created over the course of two millennia.

As the most important event dedicated to contemporary art in France outside of Paris, the Lyon Biennial was once again colourful on its opening days, with a large number of people coming to meet the artists, most of whom were present in the exhibition spaces. Seven Luxembourg artists (Bruno Baltzer, Sofia Bouratsis, Jessica Dasilva, Robert Frankle, Claudia Passeri, Letizia Romanini and Julie Wagener) responded to the call for applications launched by Kultur | lx. They participated in a program consisting of visits to exhibitions, meetings with their peers, and social events (openings, professional brunch).

The launch of Yann Annicchiarico’s book, De papillons de nuit et de l’échelle de Muybridge (Moths and the Muybridge Scale), just published by Presses du réel (Dijon, 2022), was the highlight of this programme.  It was presented in dialogue with the curator Sofia Bouratsis during a stroll along the banks of the Saône that allowed the public to reach the ENSBA (École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon), and the book was awarded the portfolio grant by Kultur | lx last May. De papillons de nuit et de l’échelle de Muybridge by Yann Annicchiarico is the second publication in the collection of the ENSBA’s Contemporary Art and Time of History research unit, edited by Bernhard Rüdiger. The book looks back at a singular state of perception. Not an active and conscious perception, but a particular state of the senses when they are exposed to the experience of emptiness – a suspension of attention that is an essential element of Yann Annicchiarico’s research.

This launch closes the season of major contemporary art events to which Kultur | lx has invited the Luxembourg art scene. Through these movements and exchanges between events, the formation of these small groups of people with varying backgrounds has enabled the artists to get to know each other better and to exchange ideas in contexts that are likely to lead to in-depth discussions. In December, Kultur | lx will publish a calendar of events for 2023 that will be considered for mobility grants.