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Press corner - Pop/rock (2023)

C’est Karma

“Karma Catena loves pasta and hates the patriarchy, as you quickly realise on her website. Trained by independent, experimental female artists such as Björk, Kate Bush and Billie Eilish, her pop approach is minimalist-intimate and avant-garde at the same time.” –, 09.12.2023

“Electro-art-pop with a touch of the theatrical. Somehow fascinating.” – Sounds and Books, 24.09.2023

“Karma performs like a superstar, fan in hand, commanding the stage like a pro.” – The Line Of Best Fit, 05.09.2023



„Emotional music in danceable form has rarely sounded as haunting as with CHAiLD.” – Diffus Magazin, 03.09.2023

„CHAiLD’s melancholic universe is unveiled to us through a stripped-down production of piano chords and a faint drum and bass rhythm in the background. As the track unfolds, CHAiLD’s harmonies intensify until we encounter chilled electronic drum and bass beats. Through his music, CHAiLD emerges as a voice for the current generation of queer youth who seek self-expression.” –, 11.05.2023



“TheRADIAL sounds a little as if Kraftwerk had already taken it under their wing in the 80s and only now released it from their workshop.” – Diffus Magazin, 03.09.2023



“True to its name, the band “Dream Catcher” from Luxembourg aims to capture dreams in songs. Their music is an interplay – sometimes melancholic and sensual, but then also full of energy and joy of life. The band’s spectrum ranges from Irish ballads and Celtic pop to French chansons and their own compositions. At live concerts, the musicians of “Dream Catcher” like to improvise and react spontaneously to the mood of the audience. This gives each performance its very own flavour.” – Westfalen-Blatt, 03.09.2023


Francis of Delirium

“There is a rousing energy in her music that enters you as if you were sitting on her bedside listening in. It is danceable, but also melancholic. It feels vulnerable, but also alive. Expect powerful rhythms, thundering riffs and intense lyrics about insecurity, vulnerability and fear. In short: music the new generation needs in these times.” –, 12.01.2023

“A restless energy and desire to connect with the listener lies at the core of the project, with Jana’s personal lyrics being underpinned by a fierce rock sound that is as liberating as it is intense.” – The Fat Angel sings, 15.11.2023

“Francis of Delirium’s music always has a tinge of nostalgia, of brooding; of the general melancholy some of us feel throughout our lives, that we can’t quite control.” – Atwood Magazine, 21.07.2023

“The 22-year-old songwriting – real name Jana Bahrich – caught attention with three wonderful EPs, blending absorbing use of melody with an increased maturity.” – Clash Magazine, 14.11.2023


Josh Island

“The Luxembourg singer-songwriter has a voice that simply makes you want to melt away. Songs like “Pennies From Heaven” and “Rewind” are great pop with a folk flavour.” – Diffus Magazin, 03.09.2023



„His intense bastard of rap with pop and punk outbursts bangs particularly well live.” – Diffus Magazin, 03.09.2023



“The electroacoustic duo Plastiklova creates a wholly engaging, wholly mysterious sound with their forays into improvised and lightly composed experimentation using vibraphone and a wide array of electronic processing. Fans of artists like Jason Doell, Animal Hospital and Harry Partch will find a lot to uncover here.” –, 09.03.2023

“Their debut self-titled album is a daring exploration of the possibilities of sound, which forgoes melody or coherent structures in the name of breaking ground.” –, 07.02.2023

“Plastiklova invites listeners on an enchanting sonic journey with their captivating track ‘Grain Threshold’. This collaborative piece delves into the ambient magic of the bowed vibraphone, intertwining it with automated electronic responses from various synthesizers, resulting in a truly immersive and intriguing musical experience.” –, 07.06.2023



“Feeding itself to heavy rock and even metal in some places, Pleasing begins with a euphoric and synth driven opening, full of layered and drone-filled guitars, before his signature vocals enter the fore. ‘Feed me to those I envy the most’ feels like a true release from Patrick, with his uncontrollable screams coupled with the floaty and melodically beautiful atmospheres in moments, make for a truly encapsulating listen that switches mood to quickly and cleverly.” –, 12.06.2023

“Miranda was able to channel this energy into a cross-genre blend of explosive and hard-hitting heavy rock-infused songs, paired with spacey synths and raucous vocals about nothing but his darker feelings and truths.” –, 12.06.2023



“Priscila da Costa, with her magical voice, transports listeners to a sonic and spiritual adventure, with mystically fascinating songs, comforting sounds and captivating images that represent her intimacy and musical universe.” –, 17.01.2023

“Ptolemea is a musical project with a very strong identity, in an alternative/experimental style, with original pagan rock and dark folk themes.” – Glam Magazine, 06.01.2023

“The sounds of Ptolemea are in other spheres in the centre of the universe and at the same time earthy. Dark folk that honours its pagan roots. The harmony of the sounds is always in balance, and so Priscila da Casto powerfully sings her way directly into the soul in “Balanced Darkness”. Sometimes exuberant and wild, sometimes pensive and melancholy, Ptolemea invite you into their own galaxy. It begins with the atmospheric instrumental “Hamanic Lullaby” and flows into the English-language “Atmospheric Pressure Drop”. The Portuguese “Fado” inspires with its very own dynamics and the remaining six songs will also captivate you.” – Orkus, März/April 2023

„Spherical vocals as if from another world and pumping heartbeat rhythms – this is the interesting scenario with which the Portuguese-Luxembourgish group Ptolemea, formed by Priscilla Da Costa, introduces their self-released debut, which is thematically based on the four elements.” – Metal Hammer, Februar 2023

„The immense spirituality and great charisma of frontwoman Priscila are enthroned above all of this. The result is highly emotional, soulful, esoteric and folk-tinged rock numbers such as “Atmospheric Pressure Drop”, “My Darkest Creature” and “Leap Of Faith”.” – Sonic Seducer, Februar 2023

„It is difficult to compare the sounds of PTOLEMEA with other bands, and this may be understood as praise.” – Legacy, Januar/Februar 2023



“The album’s songs subtly and incisively convey the full spectrum of emotions a full-scale war elicits. Equipped with a profound comprehension of the war’s dynamics, Rome serves as a capable interpreter for English-speaking audiences. Infused with an agreeable and well-conveyed sound, coupled with references to shared symbols and emotions of this war, Rome’s music becomes a skillful reflection of history—and of the present, while the war continues.” – Euromaidan Press, 15.09.2023


Say Yes Dog

“In the melting pot of independent music and synth-pop, all shades of Say Yes Dog have found their most beautiful form on “DRÄI”. The dogs are barking again – finally!” – Tonspion, 03.11.2023


Seed to Tree

“After thirteen years as a band, Seed to Tree have made an impressive musical journey. They have evolved from acoustic sounds to a synth and dream pop band.” –, 11.07.2023

“Musically, Seed to Tree know how to create catchy melodies that are not only catchy, but also manage to explore new, exciting dream pop paths without losing the acoustic folk elements of their early phase.” – Frontstage Magazine, 01.06.2023 

“A Little Life reveals the astounding pop quality of songwriting as it searches for universal truth in the little things of life.” – PrettyInNoise, 25.11.2023

“Starting from an elaborate indie pop base, Seed To Tree develop atmospheric, varied songs, through which singer Georges Goerens leads with a delicate, warm voice. Dream-pop synths create a dreamy atmosphere, reduced but precise drums set the rhythm and deliberately unrocky guitars that tend towards shoegaze ground the songs.” –, 05.09.2023



“High-energy live shows provide the antithesis to TUYS’ sophisticated videos. The four guys love to play with fiction and satire, but as soon as the spotlights come on, there’s only the reality of the stage.” –, 23.02.2023