Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, in partnership with Lëtzebuerger Bicherfrënn – Les Amis du Livre a.s.b.l., and in collaboration with the National Centre for Literature, launched a call for a two-month writer’s residency at the Literarisches Colloquium (LCB) in Berlin, including a supporting grant. A space for reflection, a workshop for experimentation, and an incubator for talent, this prestigious international literary institution organises readings, seminars and other literary events.

Jury members Christiane Krier (Lëtzebuerger Bicherfrënn), Frank Hansen (Lëtzebuerger Bicherfrënn), Tim Reuter (National Centre for Literature), Sébastian Thiltges (independent literary expert) and Jeff Schinker (author & Luxembourg laureate 2023) assessed the applications received and forwarded their recommendations to the LCB. At the end of the selection process, Florent Toniello‘s application was selected.

Statement of the Jury
Florent Toniello has been an active and prolific figure on Luxembourg’s cultural and literary scene since 2015. With a long list of publications to his name, including works of literary criticism, Toniello’s curiosity and eagerness to experiment is also clearly reflected in his wide range of literary works which include the poetry bundle Hraun and his short story Brasius which impressed the jury for both its literary and linguistic standard.

The Jury unanimously agreed that this residency would offer Florent Toniello, who is a major turning point in his literary career, a suitable setting to focus on his literary work. The jury also noted that for Florent Toniello, already well-established on the French-language poetry scene with various publications in magazines and contacts with publishers at the Marché de la Poésie, a residency at the LCB would offer him the chance to develop new contacts in the German-speaking world and beyond, thus also introducing an international audience to literature from Luxembourg, and as a result benefit the literature from Luxembourg more generally.

The jury believes this residency will be a fruitful contribution to the development and promotion of authors from Luxembourg.

Florent Toniello, born in 1972 in Lyon, was an IT manager for a transnational company in Belgium and France until 2012 when he moved to Luxembourg to work as a proof-reader and journalist. An avid reader of poetry and fantasy, Toniello writes reviews for magazines and on his blog accrocstich.es. His poetry has been published in bundles in Luxembourg, France and Belgium. And as this book shows, he also tries his hand at writing texts where science fiction and the uncanny meet.


Prose :


Essai/Interview :

The LCB residency is made possible due to an endowment from the Lëtzebuerger Bicherfrënn – Les Amis du Livre a.s.b.l. who support the book sector by donating part of the proceeds from sales of second-hand books by Lëtzebuerger Bicherfrënn volunteers to promote the production of literary works in Luxembourg.

To better support Luxembourg’s dancers and choreographers, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg and TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, in partnership with the National Dance Centre in Lyon and Le Gymnase CDCN in Roubaix, offers grants to a creative team based in Luxembourg to develop a dance project.

This grant runs over two years (2024 + 2025) and will support all aspects of the creative process: project development, promotion and international networking. The grant will also provide direct financial support for the production, residencies in Lyon and Roubaix, presence on international platforms, and funding for the development phase.

Following a call for applications, five proposals were received and the jury unanimously decided to award the EXPEDITION grant to William Cardoso.

Winner Statement
For William Cardoso, this grant represents “an extraordinary, unmissable opportunity (…) which will be the perfect occasion to create a new choreography in the perfect conditions. It will allow me to consolidate and further strengthen my relationships with cultural stakeholders at international level. The high-quality residencies offered by prestigious institutions such as the CN D in Lyon, Le Gymnase CDCN in Roubaix, the Grand Théâtre and TROIS C-L in Luxembourg, will allow me to develop a new work titled Deadline.

Deadline will explore and present the theme of rupture, a frequent occurence throughout our lives. This work seeks to disrupt the system to make a fresh start, rupture for rebirth.

Jury Statement
The jury, composed of representatives from the five partner institutions (Bernard Baumgarten – TROIS C-L; Tom Leick-Burns and Anne Legill –  Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg; Davy Brun – CN D Lyon; Laurent Meheust – CDCN – Le Gymnase in Roubaix) commended the relevance and urgency of the theme of the project which demonstrate both the choreographer’s creative flow and the notions of our times. The jury noted William Cardoso’s unique approach to the body and the relationship between genders and praised the young choreographer’s maturity. The EXPEDITION grant will support the artist’s consistant career development, giving him the opportunity to take his research further, explore larger forms of choreography, and connect with international production and distribution networks.

About William Cardoso
William Cardoso is a choreographer and dancer based in Luxembourg and Portugal. His work celebrates everything that is a contradiction, unpredictable, creative and committed. It addresses intimate, personal issues that affect everyone. His performances point the finger at a heteronormative, patriarchal society. Hungry for change and filled with anger at injustice, his work often focuses on a fight and a physical effort as it defends various issues.

With his three works to date (Raum, Dear Mum, Baby), William Cardoso has developed his own identity using a unique language. A dialogue between bodies in conflict with their minds. His work echoes contact improvisation, yet goes against the flow with non-fluid, short, sharp movements.



Following a call for applications for the Research and Creative Residency for Architects, Architectural Researchers, Illustrators and Authors at the Academia Belgica in Rome, 2024, 6 proposals were received. At a meeting on 13 October, the jury commended the range, focus and quality of the projects submitted.  The jury members were César Reyes Nájera (University of Luxembourg, Master in Architecture), Karine Bouton (neimënster) and Nathalie Kerschen (Resident 2023).
The jury unanimously decided to award the residency to Dirk Kesseler for his proposal ‘Research into architecture in illustration’.

Jury Statement
The jury was impressed by Dirk Kesseler’s multidisciplinary approach and his clear and frank proposal. It was also won over by his sensitive and extremely personal approach to architecture—which has gradually become the central focus of his work and modus operandi—and the sound presentation of his arguments.

The jury also felt that the practical research Dirk Kesseler proposed to conduct in Rome, a city that is representative of antiquity and thus a stark contrast to the city where he lives, would undoubtedly be an excellent opportunity for him to develop his practice and offer an interesting challenge.

The (extract from the application file)
“Exterior and interior architectural structures, became centerpieces of my compositions, functioning as visual frames, set pieces and integral parts of my storytelling. I spent more time noticing subtle details in the structural and decorative parts of my surroundings, analysing changes in material and how it affects light and shadows.
But my artistic ambition is not to display built structures in a photographic view, but to rearrange their most recognisable shapes into interesting graphical compositions: expanding and stretching spaces to deliver unusual viewpoints, provoking a range of feelings from excitement to the unease –  sometimes even bordering on the surreal, not adhering to the traditional modes of perspective drawing, but manipulating space for the desired effect and many times not even using the architectural spaces as set pieces for human narratives, but letting them become the characters themselves, devoid of human interaction.”


About Dirk Kesseler
Dirk Kesseler (1995) is Luxemburgish illustrator, animator and graphic designer based in Berlin.
He graduated with a degree in illustration from the Design Akademie Berlin (now called the Berlin School of Design and Communication) in 2019 and completed a Masters at the Universität der Künste Berlin in 2023.
He uses both traditional and digital drawing techniques to connvey his naive sense of humour and absurd dreams. His works spans several disciplines, including comic books, editorials, posters and product design.
Dirk Kesseler  has presented his work at several international events, such as Negotiation Matters: Berlin, Tel Aviv (2018) and Neurotitan (2020) and Tabook Festival (2021).
He received a Luxembourg Music Award in the category Best Upcoming Artwork Designer (2018), the Shimon-Peres Prize for the collective project Negotiation Matters (2021), and a Merit Award during 3×3 Annual No. 19 (2022).


Kultur | lx, Taller de Músics and the Accion Cultural Española joined forces to implement a joint residency programme dedicated to Luxembourgish and Catalan jazz artists. In order to favour artistic encounters between both scenes and foster the international career development of jazz artists, two Luxembourg-based musicians and two Barcelona-based musicians will gather from November 18th to 21st in Barcelona to share their artistic visions. The result of these days dedicated to research and creation will be presented at Jamboree (Barcelona) and neimënster (Luxembourg), respectively on November 21st and 26th.

As this programme seeks to encourage the transmission between emerging and experienced artists, it will involve two established artists: Marc Demuth, a doublebass player and composer from Luxembourg, and Irene Reig, a saxophone player and composer based in Barcelona. They will coordinate the residency and share their experiences with two emerging artists selected by a jury.

The jury, composed by Marc Demuth, Irene Reig, Stéphane Wasila (neimënster) and Josep Mestres (Jamboree), decided to select the Luxembourgish vibist, composer and producer Arthur Clees, as well as the Barcelona-based drummer and composer Andreu Giró Espasa.

About the laureates

About Arthur Clees

Arthur Vinzent Clees is a young vibist, composer and producer from Luxembourg. He grew up in the small town of Esch-sur-Alzette and began his musical studies by taking cello. He soon decided to switch instruments and started finding interest in percussive instruments. After several years of studying classical percussion and taking multiple theory classes, he started to find his way into Jazz. Through playing drums and, eventually, by picking up the vibraphone as a main instrument, he started exploring the endless facets of contemporary improvised music. In 2019, he was a laureate of the Bourse Michelle and won the first prize during the drummer days in Luxembourg in 2020. After finishing high school in 2021, he started his bachelors in Jazz Composing in Dresden, where he currently studies.

Over the years Arthur was involved in many different band projects, both as a sideman and as a bandleader. With the band Anima he won the first prize of the Hans & Eugenia Jütting Stiftung in 2022. Arthur is currently active as a performer, composer and producer in both modern improvised music as well as contemporary classical music. Recent projects include a live album of an improvised set with Jan Jelinek (Faitiche & Terres Rouges), the release of debut albums with both Anima (Xjazz!) and Jambal (self released), as well as a brand-new duo project with vocalist Kateryna Kravchenko. In addition to his studies in composition and vibraphone, Arthur consistently kept working on his passion for electronic music and music production. Not only has he been making beats and mixes for other artists, including Culture the Kid, but he will also release his debut album stay, temporary home as a songwriter/producer on the Berlin based Label Macro end of 2023.

Andreu Giró Espasa

Andreu Giró is a passionate and dedicated musician who has devoted a significant portion of his life to studying and performing music. He commenced his musical education at the Can Ponsic Municipal School of Music, l’ARC Foundation, during the 2006-2007 academic year and continued his studies until the 2015-2016 academic year. During his tenure at the school, Andreu displayed a keen interest in the piano, dedicating 7 years to mastering this instrument and participating in various chamber music ensembles at the school. From 2010 to 2016, he concurrently pursued drum studies under the tutelage of teacher Iñaki de la Linde, broadening his repertoire and honing his skills with this instrument.

Andreu continued his education at the Taller de Músics School of Music in Barcelona. Between 2016 and 2019, he studied drums, piano, and ensemble (combo) under the guidance of different teachers delving into the techniques and expressions of jazz.  Andreu’s unwavering dedication to music propelled him to commence his higher music studies at Taller de Músics ESEM in September 2019, where he continued to refine his drumming interpretation in jazz under the mentorship of teachers Ramón Ángel Rey, Toni Pagès, and Jordi Gardeñas. Andreu Giró successfully completed his higher Jazz studies and presented his graduation concert at Jamboree in Barcelona in June 2023.

About the mentors

Marc Demuth

Over the past several years, Luxembourg bassist Marc Demuth has emerged as a strong voice in the European jazz scene. In 2004 he was selected to be part of the European Jazz Orchestra on their tour through Europe and Brazil, under the conduction of the Portuguese leader and composer Pedro Moreira. A long-term usical partnership with Portuguese singer Sofia Ribeiro resulted in numerous appearances at venues and festivals all over Europe and the release of their Duo recording “Dança da Solidão” in 2006. Since 1998 has played in the Reis Demuth Wiltgen Trio, who released their fourth CD SLY for the Italian label Cam Jazz. Saxophonist Joshua Redman met the band at a festival in France in 2014 and fell in love with their music from the moment he heard them. Joshua joined the trio as a featured guest on many occasions and tours. He also was part of a project featuring the music of REIS/DEMUTH/WILTGEN arranged for the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg by multiple Grammy Award winning composer and conductor Vince Mendoza.

As an accomplished and passionate jazz educator, Marc shares his experience and insights with the next generation of creative musicians at the Echternach Music School in Luxembourg. He started his musical studies at the Luxembourg conservatory, and pursued them at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Jean-Louis Rassinfosse and Michel Hetzigeorgiou. He got his master from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague under Hein van de Geyn.

In 1996, at the young age of 18, he won a scholarship for studying electric bass at the famous Berklee College of Music, while participating at their annual workshop in Perugia, Italy.

Irene Reig

Irene is a saxophone player and composer based in Barcelona. She got interested in jazz music at an early age and she has been involved in music since then. She has been living in different cities such as Amsterdam and Philadelphia where she developed her career and recorded her firsts albums: Views and The Bop Collective. She is currently playing with her own trio and many other ensembles. She is also part of the collective and label The Changes.

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, Taller de Músics and Acción Cultural Española aim to provide spaces for musical creation and to promote the international careers of emerging jazz and improvised music artists. The program includes a period of gestation during an artistic residency and the presentation of the show in Barcelona and Luxemburg during autumn 2023.

The main premise of this call is to select one emerging musician from Luxembourg and one emerging musician from Barcelona to create a quartet of experienced and emerging musicians for a residency programme that will take place from November 18th to 21st, 2023.

For four days, two musicians from Luxembourg and two musicians from Barcelona will meet and share their compositions, cultures and musical visions. The project will be co-led by Marc Demuth, established and talented bass player and composer from Luxemburg, and Irene Reig, saxophonist and composer representing one of the standard-bearers of the new generation of Catalan jazz musicians.

After an initial concert to mark the end of the residency at Barcelona’s Club Jamboree, the quartet will set down roots in neimënster (Luxembourg) for a second concert.

This residency project is supported by Taller de Músics, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, neimënster, Jamboree in collaboration with Fabra I Coats – Fabrica de Creació. This project is part of Acciones para Músicos Noveles, a co-production between Taller de Músics and Acción Cultural Española, AC/E.

About Taller de Músics

Taller de Músics is much more than a pioneering school in the dissemination of jazz, flamenco and modern popular music. In its more than 40 years of history, it has built up its own system of education, creation, production and dissemination of music. In the field of education, it is a unique and complete project of artistic accompaniment that consists of creativity and spontaneity accompanying their students on their paths from the classroom to stage.

Actions for New Musicians is a collaborative project between Taller de Músics and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E). Since 2019 it has been providing spaces for musical creation and promoting the international careers of emerging artists from the Taller de Músics community. The actions it carries out include periods of gestation in artistic residencies with national and international figures, the promotion of shows, co-productions with festivals, digital publishing and attendance at seminars and festivals.

Conditions for participation

The call is open to emerging jazz musicians from Barcelona and Luxembourg. Applicants from Luxembourg must fit the following criteria:

The applications should be submitted by August 31th, 2023 at 11:59 pm.

The names of the selected musicians will be published on mid-september 2023.

Material and financial terms

The selected participant will receive a fee for each concert.

Kultur | lx will cover all the expenses related to the residency of the Luxembourgish participants :

Taller de Músics will cover the expenses related to the production costs of the residency.

Jury and criteria

A committee formed by the two band leaders (Irene Reig and Marc Demuth) and the two venues bookers (Jamboree and at neimënster) will evaluate the submitted applications.The jury will select one emerging musician from Luxembourg, and one emerging musician from Barcelona.

The jury’s decision is final.

Required documents

Lët’z Arles in collaboration with the Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA) and with the support of the Ministry of Culture, is pleased to announce the creation of the Luxembourg Photography Award and the Luxembourg Photography Award mentorship.

Lët’z Arles is constantly adapting its support programmes for artists, in line with artistic needs and practices. After 7 years of generous commitment to the creative process, Lët’z Arles has renamed its support programme the Luxembourg Photography Award (LUPA).

This programme of support for artists is offered in two formats:
An exhibition at the Rencontres d’Arles for the winner of the Luxembourg Photography Award.
The winner of this first LUPA is Daniel Wagener and his exhibition opus incertum, presented at the Chapelle de la Charité as part of the 54th Rencontres d’Arles, curated by Danielle Igniti from 3 July to 24 September 2023.
The exhibition is accompanied by a publication, anchoring the project over time and providing a complementary perspective to the works on display. The publication features a number of photographs to complement those in the exhibition, as well as a series of risographs echoing the artist’s own practices.

A mentorship-residency for the winner of the Luxembourg Photography Award mentorship – with the support of Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg.
Rozafa Elshan benefited from a 3-month mentorship-residency in partnership with the Ecole nationale supérieure de la photographie d’Arles.
Between the end of January and the beginning of April, this artist development programme focused on the theme of ‘Printed Spaces’ and offered participants a full range of masterclasses, workshops and group work sessions, all under the guidance of Professor Gilles Saussier. The mentoring concluded with the presentation of an assessment of their work in the form of models and sketches of future projects.

Following a call for applications for the research and creation residency for architects, architecture researchers, illustrators, and authors at the Academia Belgica in Rome in 2023, 6 proposals were assessed. At a meeting on 24 January, the jury welcomed the range, focus and quality of the projects submitted. The jury members were Eline Bleser (Luxembourg Center for Architecture), Claude Kremer (National Centre for Literature) and Anne Simon (Resident 2022).

The jury unanimously decided to award the residency to Nathalie Kerschen for her research proposal URBS ANIMALIS.

Jury Statement
The jury was particularly impressed by the theme Natalie Kerschen proposed, a natural extension of her PhD research. The precision and methodology underpinning her thinking, combined with the almost intuitive approach she plans to take in the field, were rated highly by the jury which commended her for the exemplary nature of her academic approach.

The topic proposed by Nathalie Kerschen dovetails perfectly with current debates – still in the early stages – questioning current thinking about cities from the perspective of inclusive coexistence living beings in urban spaces. It is therefore highly relevant to current research in the field of architecture and the way in which we inhabit nature.

Project (extract from application)
“Drawing inspiration from the hermeneutic-phenomenological approach to architecture and recent developments in eco-phenomenology—i.e. the philosophical attempt to an ‘experience of nature’ through ‘nature of experience’ (Toadvine)—and studies of animals and anthropology, my research creation projects—which lie at the intersection between architecture and speculative design—aim to renew the relationship with animals in Rome through the prism of what the phenomenologist David Abram calls ‘becoming animal’.

This proto-eco-phenomenological approach is based on the idea that human bodies are in harmony with non-human bodies on the basis of a combination of physical experiences and conditions. It can be linked to the concepts of ‘interanimality’, and ’empathy’ (Einfülung) developed by the philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty; a bodily experience shared by humans and animals. Since (eco)phenomenology focuses on the experience of animals, it offers a backdrop for examining the conditions and spatial contexts of non-human living beings from a familiar perspective, i.e. as co-inhabitants of our urban and rural spaces. At a time when exponential growth of urban populations, the extinction of species, and the loss of biodiversity seem irreversible, making animals visible in Rome means giving them a platform and bringing them back into focus for architects.”


About Nathalie Kerschen
After obtaining a master’s from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais and studying philosophy at Paris Sorbonne IV University, Nathalie Kerschen continued her academic studies at McGill University in Montreal. In November 2022, she defended her doctorate in the History and Theory Department at the Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture on ‘Reclaiming Nature in Computational Architectural Design: From Biology to Phenomenology’. In addition to her academic studies, Nathalie has worked for international architect’s offices and been exhibited in contemporary art centres, including Casino – Forum d’art Contemporain in Luxembourg and iMal Art Center for Digital Cultures & Technology in Brussels. In 2022, she began to teach theory and practical courses in the Department of Design and Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montreal.

As a researcher, Nathalie has received several grants, including an AFR grant from the Luxembourg National Research Fund (2016-2020), a Schulich grant (2016), a Meita grant from McGill University (2016-2019), excellence grants for architecture graduates (2021) and an award on completing her doctorate (2022) from the Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture.

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Cultural service at the Embassy of Luxembourg in Berlin, is offering a six-week choreographic research and production residency at the Uferstudios Berlin, on the basis of a call for applications. This residency abroad encourages choreographers to immerse themselves in the Berlin art scene and promotes networking with the local art scene, contributing to the long-term development of their professional career.

The jury, made-up by Ainhoa Achutegui (neimënster), Mathis Junet (TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois), Jérôme Konen (Kinneksbond, Centre Culturel Mamer) and Saeed Hani (choreographer and 2021 laureate)assessed the applications received and forwarded their recommendations to the Uferstudios. Following the selection process, Anne-Mareike Hess‘ application was selected by the direction of Uferstudios Berlin.

Anne-Mareike Hess

Statement of Uferstudios Berlin

Simone Willeit, director of the Uferstudios, was delighted with the quality of the applications submitted by the jury. Knowing and appreciating the work of Anne-Mareike Hess, Simone Willeit was convinced by the Luxembourg choreographer’s residency project and particularly emphasised her intention to collaborate and interact with many artists in the framework of this residency. Anne-Mareike Hess has been familiar with the work of the Uferstudios for a long time and has accompanied Luxembourg artists in residence there in recent years. There is also no doubt that research period at the Uferstudios will strengthen her anchorage in the Berlin art scene.


Anne-Mareike Hess (DE/LU) works as a choreographer and performer. Trained at the Conservatory in Luxembourg, she continued her studies at the HfMDK in Frankfurt am Main and at the HZT Inter-University Center for Dance in Berlin. As a performer, she has worked with choreographers such as William Forsythe (Human Writes), Eeva Muilu, Rosalind Goldberg (MIT and Jump with me), Ingri Fiksdal (Cosmic body) and Antje Velsinger (PERFORM!), with which she has performed in a number of prestigious venues around the world.

Anne-Mareike’s works have been shown at numerous venues and festivals throughout Europe. This includes: I believe that we are having a dialogue, Tanzwut and Synchronization in process. Warrior, her first evening-long solo (2018), has been selected by Aerowaves Twenty20. In 2021 she premiered the one-on-one telephone project Through the wire and the new solo Dreamer.

For many years Anne-Mareike worked in close collaboration with TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (LU) and Skogen (SE). Since 2016 she is associated artist at Weld in Stockholm (SE), in 2017-2019 she has been supported by the Grand Luxe network and she became an associated artist at neimënster (LU) in 2020-2023.

2012 Anne-Mareike was awarded with the Prize for emerging artists by the “Stiftung zur Förderung junger Talente”. 2015 Anne-Mareike was awarded with the “Danzpraïs” from the Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg.

Anne-Mareike Hess about her residency : « My motivation to apply for this residency, is my deep wish to have some creative time in Berlin to, outside of any production context, further and expand my choreographic language and practice and dive into this new research around the subject of “portrait”. Uferstudios is a vibrant place where many artists work and cross and performances and festivals are happening frequently. This residency would be the opportunity for me to finally connect to some great artists and colleagues based in Berlin and invite them to the studio to join me in the studio. »



A call for applications for the 2023 Research and Creation Residency at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin resulted in 5 project proposals The jury met on two occasions: once in Luxembourg on 28 November; and once in Berlin on 30 November. It commended the quality of the applications and projects submitted. The first round jury members were: Clément Minghetti (Mudam – Luxembourg); Claudine Hemmer (Ministry of Culture); and Lisa Kohl (Resident 2022). The second round jury members were experts chosen by the Künstlerhaus Bethanien.

The jury decided to award the residency to Yann Annicchiarico for his research project titled “Mitdenken – Von Berberaffen und Kletten im Atelier” (Thinking – About Barbary Macaques and Burdock in the Atelier).

Jury Statement
The jury was particularly impressed by the energy the artist has poured into his personal research. The complexity of his work which explores radical otherness through cognitive thresholds is further developed in this proposed project. The artist’s approach this time follows the fine line that artificially separates humans, animals, nature and culture. Using the senses, he creates a way to perceive phenonmenon that are otherwise inaccessible to cartesian thinking. This time, however, Annicchiarico uses a geography and topics that are much more intimate and personal.

The  Künstlerhaus Bethanien jury noted the following:
“We feel that the artist’s aesthetic approach is particularly varied, lying somewhere between art/research and magic. By exploring the relationship between the human and non-human, he is in direct contact with the most burning of contemporary issues. We therefore believe that he is extremely contemporary in the best sense of the term.”

The project (extract from the application)
“My work aims to integrate the way in which other living beings live into human thought. It seeks to abolish the artificial separation of nature and culture. It is in this light that I’ve been following current theories on non-human anthropology from the past decade with great interest. The body of works presented in my portfolio began with a chance encounter when a moth passed through one of my sculptures and left a trace of its presence. As flying, noctural creatures, the biological make up of moths offers radically different ways to exist and perceive the world, in comparison to ours.  My small human universe was enriched by that chance encounter with an insect. Another important aspect of my work concerns the way in which architecture, through modern cities, structures our human thought and is undoubtedly the origin for this artificial division between nature and the world, nature and culture.”

About Yann Annicchiarico
Yann Annicchiarico (1983, Luxembourg) has held solo exhibitions at KIT – Kunst im Tunnel in Düsseldorf (2020), Nosbaum Reding Projects in Luxembourg (2019), and the Centre des Arts Pluriels in Ettelbruck (2018), and joint exhibitions at the MUDAM – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean in Luxembourg (2021) and the Museo Archeologico del Chianti Senese in Italy (2019). He has been an research artist at the Contemporary Art and Temporalities of History (ACTH) research department at the Lyon Ecole des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) since 2011. He has completed residencies at the Fonderie Darling in Montreal (2019) and the Villa Medicis Académie de France in Rome (2015). He received the Francis-André grant in 2020 for his first monographic exhibition in a public institution at the  KIT – Kunst im Tunnel in Düsseldorf. His work was selected for New Positions at Art Cologne in 2019. In 2022, he received a Kultur | lx Portfolio Grant for his book, De papillons de nuit et de l’échelle de Muybridge/Of Moths and Muybridge’s Scale. He lives and works in Luxembourg.


A call for applications for the 2023 Multidisciplinary research and creation residency at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris resulted in 11 project proposals. At a meeting on 29 November, the jury was pleased to note the diversity, quality of, and investment in the proposed projects. The jury members were: Souraya Kessaria (Cité internationale des arts, Paris); Marlène Kreins (Centres d’art de la Ville de Dudelange); Letizia Romanini (Resident in 2022); Nathalie Ronvaux (Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzette); and Francisco Sassetti (Philharmonie Luxembourg).

The jury unanimously decided to award the residency to the artist Julien Hübsch for his research project titled ‘walls/origins/replacements‘.

Jury Statement
The jury was particularly impressed by the extent to which the artist’s proposal was already well-developed, the relevance of the reflections under consideration, and the research process which is firmly rooted in the public space in Paris and the way in which is evolving.

The jury also noted the artist’s professional experience and believes that the residency comes at a significant moment in his career and will allow him to put his research into practice in the international environment of the Cité des arts and in Paris more generally.

The Project (extract from the application)
“Much of my work as an artist has focused on vandalism and the way in which it is dealt with in public spaces. My work is therefore connected with the history of graffiti. It looks not only at the technical aspects of painting with spray cans, but also the importance of public spaces as a playground.
During my residency at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris, I would like to research historical sites that saw rapid growth in street art and tags across the world and which were considered key areas for interactions between graffiti artists since the end of the 1960s.
I believe my work would benefit significantly from time spent outside my production studio in Germany and allow me to focus my field research in one of the most important places for my current work in progress.”

About Julien Hübsch
Based in Luxembourg and Mainz, Julien Hübsch (1995, Esch-sur-Alzette) has studied at the Kunsthochschule Mainz, the Bauhaus University in Weimar, and the HGB Leipzig. He has been taught by Anne Speier, Franziska Reinbothe, Prof. Shannon Bool, Prof. Thomas Schmidt, Heike Aumüller, and Prof. Sven Kroner.
Julien Hübsch’s practice explores the concepts of vandalism and the understanding of urban spaces in order to create environments that fluctuate between paintings, in situ sculptures, and installations.
His work has been shown in several individual and group exhibitions in Germany and Luxembourg. He was also nominated for the Edward Steichen Award (2022) and the Robert Schuman Art Prize (2021).