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Kultur | lx - Arts Council Luxembourg launches a new call for 2023 Global Project Grant

Continuing the initiative founded by music:LX in 2020, Kultur | lx is taking over and expanding the Global Project Grant. This grant, available to artists in the Luxembourgish music scene, offers them the chance of setting out and proposing a project that will enable them to kick-start their career development, promotion and marketing, participation in tours, involvement in international workshops/conferences, and to increase the depth of their compositional work.

This initiative is intended to add value to the project and to encourage artists and their teams to plan their strategy one year ahead, with a dedicated budget. For its part, Kultur | lx is committed to accompanying the laureates in all stages of the project.

More information about Global Project Grant here
Deadline to apply: October 16, 2022

Back in 2021, Cathy Krier (laureate Classical/contemporary) released her recording of György Ligeti’s Piano Etudes (1923-2006) on the CAvi-music label and accompanied this release with a digital marketing strategy with the creation of disruptive videos created by the agency Le Philtre.

Michel Meis 4TET (laureate Jazz), released his second album, “Kaboom“, with the French violinist Théo Ceccaldi under the label Double Moon Records. In addition to the online and offline communication strategy, the release of the album was accompanied by the redefinition of the group’s image, in collaboration with Foqus, to create a modern, fresh and bold universe and image, which arouses interest and makes people dream.

TUYS’s (laureate Pop/Rock) was delayed due to the pandemic. The band has however spent the last six months working on the project, writing songs, and artistically conceptualizing their forthcoming album. The band recently embarked on their cross-country UK tour, capping off the dates with a slot at an international showcase event, FOCUS Wales, in addition to a performance at Eurosonic 2022 (online).

Previous laureates

Pop/Rock/electro/hip-hop : Francis of Delirium
Jazz/World : Claire Parsons
Classical/contemporary : Francesco Tristano

Pop/Rock/electro/hip-hop : TUYS
Jazz/World : Michel Meis 4TET
Classical/contemporary : Cathy Krier