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On the shelves now!

The new year brings with it an avalanche of album releases, of which here are a few classical and jazz essentials to brighten up the new year!

Sonder, Klein 

After a first acclaimed EP release in 2018, the four-piece band KLEIN just released their debut album SONDER on the 10th of December 2021 on the French label Cristal Records. In continuation of their very distinct sound, combining  electronic elements and acoustic instruments (Piano, Vibraphone), KLEIN present a journey through new and seemingly ever-evolving soundscapes that thematically revolve around a personal acknowledgment and celebration of the complex and interconnected nature of life.

SONDER (noun; from the The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows) is, in essence, the realization that each random stranger lives a life as vivid and complex as your own, with his own hopes, struggles and routines. Paths might or might not cross in this seemingly infinite jungle of interhuman connections and ideas. And yet, there is solace and peace to be found in this potentially overwhelming net of possibilities and probabilities: By struggling past dead ends caused by the overstimulation of modern existence, and by looking at the greater sheme of things -knowing that you are but one piece in a giant puzzle- it is time to show courage and to tell a beautiful tale of vast landscapes, roaring storms, crushing waves and autumn rains.

Every different song reflects a singular personality, moment in life or memory, very different from another but that anyone could relate to.

As some songs confirm the KLEIN-sound known from their first EP, the album gets a step further, by combining Jazz with the codes of proper Pop-productions and adding more and more electronic sounds, beats and voice layers.

Have a listen here and enjoy ! The album is TOP MEZZO this January.

«…despite its name, it is already a great band. Because it brings a different note, and not only a blue one, to today’s jazz. » Le Soir

Next show – 22/01/2022 @ Dexter – Odense (DK)

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Jazz Inspired, Ars Nova Lux

A “variable geometry basis” ensemble, Ars Nova Lux moves and enthuses audiences in an absolutely unique way. Its members, coming from different corners of the world, preform together a variety of compositions and Musical genres, putting a stress on Luxembourgish creation. They released their first album Jazz Inspired on November 27th. This first opus entails pieces written by Luxembourg composers such as Victor Kraus, Albena Petrovic, as well as Olivier Dartevelle. Each work is inspired by jazz, while being still framed into the classical music tradition.


Dreamlover, Albena Petrovic

Albena Petrovic’s new CD is dedicated to her works for saxophone, and particularly baritone saxophone, interpreted here by Joan MartÍ- Frasquier. Thanks to his virtuoso playing, he showcases the range of sonic possibilities provided by the instrument, which is rarely put on centre stage. His opus also entails Petrovic’s first piece written for the saxophone in 2006, a quartet named Gebet zum Nichterscheinen, played by ECHO Rising Star Kebyart Ensemble.

Albena Petrovic was supported by Kultur | lx – promotion support